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can i kiss u or
your source for kagamean. (c wut i did ther)

mascha. 23. germany.
→ i talk a lot about bullshit and basketball idiots.

good evening, fellow baskets, this is a bottomine appreciation blog, mostly involving kagami, too. i've heard they call that KagaAo.
jk, but if you also enjoy Aomine getting laid (or teased in general), take a sip of your favorite drink and scroll down. you're welcome.

p.s. don't get creeped about by the tags.

p.p.s. y'all awesome ok! every otp is a treasure box and nothing hurts!
by みぢ

by みぢ

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#the noise i jUST MADE #close to chokin on my fokn tonGUE omfgdhjfghs #yes aomine pls jus tkeep sitting on kagami' #ok thank yes thats like how and where i like seeing you the most #except for when you're lying down somewhere and get laid #thats also nice #anyways never stop #kagaao #aokaga #im so done tbh #Aomine Daiki #kagami taiga #knb #who even reads all this shit i write down in here omf i rlly admire u
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